Try Something New, Make Friends and Get Fit!

Physical fitness is a great way to stay healthy AND stay social, two of the most important aspects of aging.


Social Fitness Activities for SENIORS:






SENIOR DANCING-Dance exercise also can be effective physical therapy for seniors. Dance therapy improves gait and balance in seniors, which can decrease your risk of falling, according to the April 2010 Science Daily. Dance therapy encourages seniors to move in different directions from everyday movement. This helps improve overall balance, stamina and walking speed which are major risk factors in falling. Dance therapy classes are offered in many hospitals and health centers.-Live Strong




Strengthens bones and muscles without stressing your joints.

Build tone throughout your entire body.

Help balance and promotes good posture.

Increased flexibility.

Reduce stress




tennis 1



SENIOR TENNIS– The sport was hatched in 1965, in the backyard of Joel Pritchard, a Congressman for the state of Washington. Bored after a round of golf, Pritchard and a friend lowered the badminton net on the property of his Bainbridge Island home and cut two paddles out of plywood. After trying several balls that didn’t work, they started hitting a neighbor’s whiffle ball back and forth. They came up with rules and the sport was born. –The Big Story




Increased flexibility.

Lowers body fat.

Increase bone density.

Improve reaction time.

Improves muscle strength and tone.







SENIOR YOGA– Around 2.9 millions seniors, age 55 and older, are practicing yoga, according to The Yoga in America study conducted by “Yoga Journal.” This is no surprise, as yoga has many specific benefits for this age group. Yoga is a gentle and non-competitive method of exercise and meditation that can fit any age. –Live Strong



Low Intensity/Non-Impact

Improves range of motion and flexibility.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Increases focus

Promotes energy

Group Activity!



These are great ways to spice up your fitness regimen! Please be cautious of sudden physical pain. If you experience any of the following consult a doctor immediately:



Fever or Infections

Extreme Weight Loss

Leg Cramping

Swelling of the Ankles or Feet

Shortness of Breath with Little Exertion

Pain in Neck, Jaw and/or Chest






Always Best Care of Boulder County can provide support for both you and your loved one with physical and mental well-being. Always Best Care of Boulder County can help you with further education on elder health and fitness. To develop a care plan please call Inga at Always Best Care of Boulder County (720)494-8407.



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