The Sandwich Generation




There are over 66 million Americans caring for their children and parents simultaneously. This group of individuals, usually between the ages of 40-60, are known as the Sandwich Generation. These helpful individuals hold full time jobs and spend over 20 hours a week providing care.


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While it seems like this life style could be considered strenuous and stressful work, which it most certainly is, we must not forget about the benefits of care taking. In our growing busy life’s we continue to have trouble prioritizing family time and events. Being part of the Sandwich Generation allows for a more closely bonded family because there is such and adequate amount of time spent with each other. This is also a great time for your children to learn about their family history and you just might want to take a second to listen, too.


The attention our parents receive helps them remain engaged, keeping them mentally alert which is always a benefit especially at an elderly age. This time spent together can be extremely difficult… just remember, your parents took care of you all of those times you needed it and now it just might be time to repay them.




Juggling your day to day activities can be difficult, and at times adding in someone else’s activities can push us to our limits. Help yourself help your loved ones. Know how and where to find support when you need it. Because there is such a fast growing Sandwich Generation the number of caregiver resources continues to grow. Always Best Care of Boulder County can be your resource AND help you narrow down the search for additional services and get you exactly what you are looking for.


Here are a few basics to help get you started:

Stress is inevitable! The key is to find the best way for you to release the pressure before it’s to late.

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Ask for help! More importantly, when someone asks if they can help… say YES.


Take Breaks. This could mean anything from a half hour break to watch your                     favorite TV show or a weekend getaway. Whichever you chose, make sure you stick             to it!


Meditate. Take 5min. a day to sit and relax, clearing your mind of everything and                  focus on your breathing.


Focus on YOUR health. Work out whenever you can even if that means doing lunges from the house to the car in the morning and when you get home. Keep all doctors exams, annual or otherwise; you can take care of anyone unless you are health.


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REMEMBER: Every situation is different and there is no right or wrong way to take care of both your parents and children. Every relationship is unique and the only thing you can do is keep your head up and push on.


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