Summer Activities to Keep You Moving!

Get Active This Summer With a Few Senior Activities:






Nature Walks: Taking a walk doesn’t necessarily mean going a long distance. Taking a nice leisurely walk around one or two blocks can be the perfect mental and physical break you need. Try observing things that you normally wouldn’t like freshly bloomed flowers or search trees for nests and other signs of wildlife. Try to stay on a steady path without inclines or declines, and split concrete or rough patches in the sidewalk or trail you are walking.  This will give your senses a tune up and get you some exercise too.






Walk around the Mall: This might sound intimidating at first but at earlier times in the day this can make for a very pleasant stroll. There is a wide variety of things that will catch your eye and keep conversations flowing with friends and family, stimulating the mind. This is also one of the safest places for walking during the summer because it’s a shaded and air conditioned environment. Even if your mall is an outdoor one there is still shade to be found during those lesser traffic times malls have, early in the morning.






Visit the Library: Even making a trip to your local library for a book club can make all the difference in getting the exercise you need, mental exercise. Most libraries have book clubs or reading groups, some even knitting or other hobby groups. These groups are a great way to meet new people with similar hobbies and interests as you. Friendship is a necessity to people of all ages but more importantly to those elderly individuals.



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Visit the Museum: There is usually a variety of local museums that have free or discount days throughout the summer. The benefits, like visiting the local library, are a cool building and a place to socialize and active your mind.



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Take advantage of Local Festivals: Another fun and effective way for seniors to keep it moving this summer is by visiting outdoor cultural events or festivals. Not only do these events provide older adults with some beneficial socialization and quality time with friends and family members, they also encourage lots of movement. Walking through a large outdoor festival, moving from one vendor to the next, you will never realize just how much walking and exercise they’ve had.



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Always Best Care of Boulder County can help you find safe summer activities for you and your loved one to promote physical and emotional well-being. To develop a care plan please call Inga at Always Best Care of Boulder County (720)494-8407.



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Written by Andrea Gonzales


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