Need an EXCUSE to get a MASSAGE?


There are many reasons to get a massage… Massages are curtail for the GERIATRIC COMMUNITY. There are both physical and emotional benefits that will exceed anything you could imagine.


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Increased blood flow. As we age our circulation slows causing blood vessels to harden, and put you at risk for diabetes or high cholesterol. With massage the blood flow is increased allowing blood platelets to flow freely throughout the blood stream.


Stronger Immune System. A therapeutic massage can lower stress by increasing the immune systems cytotoxic capacity and decrease the number of T-cells. This helps the fight of infection and bacteria.


Increase Mobility and help with Muscular Stiffness. Due to the increase of a healthier immune system there is a naturally enhancement to the bodies nourishment and lubricants of the joints to help in maximum mobility.


Aid in the Healing of Injury and Illness. Also, with the muscles ability to soften and expand, you grow more flexible relieving you from potential additional injuries. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) and tendinitis occur when you continue to put strains on already tight tissue and your body cannot naturally repair itself due to the amount of damage. With the massage increasing blood flow through the muscle your body is given additional resources to repair itself.


Alleviate Pain and Headaches. Tension headaches are caused by muscle spasms, trigger points, neck alignment and hormonal/chemicals changes. It’s not exactly known how just yet but as research continues there is an increased number of studies that show massage helps those who suffer from migraines. The thought is that the neck muscles need to loosen from the base of the scull where tension headaches can start releasing the stiffness throughout the head and neck area.


Massage helps regulate certain hormones. Massage therapy has shown to decrease levels of the stress hormone Cortisol. Massage therapy also increases endorphins and stimulates the Para-Sympathetic Nervous system, therefore promoting relaxation. Because of this hormone effect, massage therapy can improve the quality of your sleep.


Lower Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Elderly individuals show increased levels of stress anxiety and depression due to the inability to continue an active lifestyle due to aging. The frequent touch of another person is needed as a human


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If you are considering Elder Care Massage please call Inga, YOUR Always Best Care of Boulder County Care Coordinators has in-depth knowledge of the local services you may need. She can assist you in finding a board certified therapist that is right for you.


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