Let’s Get Wet n’ Wild!




Many recreation centers offer senior specific fitness classes, within those classes you may find a senior water aerobics class. Water aerobics classes are among the best ways for someone with joint pain, arthritis and difficult with range of motion. With a knowledgeable instructor and a little bit of time this aerobic exercise will do wonders for your physical and mental health.



Things to consider when doing water aerobics without an instructor:


Make sure there is a lifeguard on duty when you are exercising.

Know the depths of the pool.

Ask if there are any types of obstacles (currents or drop offs) in the pool.

Listen to your body, when you are exercising you should feel discomfort but not pain.




WATER AEROBIC MOVES from LiveStrong.com


Pool Walking


You can get beneficial aerobic exercise through pool walking, which you can perform in the shallow end of any pool. Hold the edge of the pool and wear water shoes for increased stability and traction.  Adding some hand weights, hand floats or weighted boots to your routine will help you burn more calories and create additional resistance for your muscles. Increasing the speed of your walk, provided you don’t increase the impact of the exercise, is also effective.


Lower-Body Exercise


Leg swings are a key element of any lower-body water aerobics workout regimen. Stand in chest-deep water with your left side against the pool’s wall. Place your left hand on the pool’s side for balance. With your legs straight, slowly lift your right leg forward and elevated it for five seconds. Swing your leg backward and make five complete back-and-forth swings. Rest for a few seconds before repeating this exercise with your left leg.


Cross-Country Skiing


Performing a water aerobics exercise that imitates cross-country skiing will give you a full-body workout. Stand in shoulder-waist level water and move your arms and legs back and forth as though you’re cross-country skiing. Bend your arms at the elbow so that your lower arm is parallel to the pool’s bottom. Move your right arm forward at the same time you move your left leg forward, and vice versa. This movement is similar to walking. Make certain your feet touch the pool’s bottom. Perform this aerobic exercise in 60-second intervals and gradually increase each interval as you get used to the movement.


Upper-Body Exercise


Working your upper body requires you to move deeper into the pool until you’re in neck-deep water. Raise both of your arms in front of you, keeping them in the water. Make certain your arms are straight, and then make small arm circles and gradually increase each circle’s size. Make five clockwise circles and five counterclockwise circles. Return to neutral and, when ready, repeat this exercise five times. Do not raise your hands out of the water while doing this exercise.




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Written by Andrea Gonzales

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