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There are many techniques used to give massages. After a month of talk we decided to SHOW you a little more of what you and your loved one can expect.


The following videos will help you better understand what to expect during a Geriatric or Elder Care Massage.


Geriatric Massage Techniques with Susan Salvo: Part 2






Most Widely Used Geriatric Massage Technique for Hands and Arms



geriatric-massage hand



Special Foot Massage Technique for Senior and Geriatric Massage






The Chicago Tribune’s Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz wrote of some ways that people can help massage elderly family members as well. The following is an excerpt from that article:


Thriving through touch: Gentle massage helps older people with low mobility improve in body and mind


Four to try

Licensed massage therapist Sharon Puszko offered four exercises a lay person can do on an older, not-so-mobile loved one.

Arms and legs: Wrap both hands around the person’s wrist, and gently compress and release. Work your way up the arm with the same compress-and-release motion. Do the same for the legs, starting at the ankle and moving upward. Always massage toward the heart.

Hands: Using your thumbs, massage the palms of the hands with circular strokes. Work your way up each finger with the squeeze-and-release motion mentioned above. Don’t massage the top of the hand, as that skin is particularly thin. And don’t pull the fingers, as that can hurt people with osteoporosis.

Feet: Using your thumbs, massage the soles of the feet in an outward circular motion. This helps loosen up the connective tissue and widen the plantar surface, which can tighten when people don’t walk much.

Back and shoulders: Place the palm of your hand in the sacrum area at the base of the spine, and make circles on the muscles on either side of the spine (don’t massage bone), working your way up to the shoulders. If your loved one is seated, have them lean forward slightly, with a pillow in his lap.


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