Let’s Get Physical, With PICKLEBALL!


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Having a hobby doesn’t only mean scrapbooking or knitting anymore it means getting  little more active with a new sport hitting the courts… PICKLEBALL! Pickleball in one of the fastest growing sports in America today. Its growth can be accredited to the mass appeal to age groups across the board. From children to seniors everyone can find a benefit of playing pickelball which could be considered a type of modified tennis.


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Pickleball is a fun combination of many already popular games and sports like tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It is usually played indoors on a modified badminton-sized court but there have been many recreation centers and other outdoor facilities making outdoor pickleball courts. The courts has the same dimensions as a doubles’ badminton court. The net is similar to a tennis


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There is less running but an increased amount of lateral movement which helps keep joints lubricated and helps maintain balance.

Pickleball has a 2 inch lower net and plastic ball which makes it easier for all ages and abilities to play.

The speed of the ball is slower than that of a tennis ball which makes it easier get to within the same dimensions as a doubles’ badminton court.

The sport is low impact but keeps the players moving which helps balance and agilities.

A steady schedule of playing pickleball also helps reduce your risk of heart attack and chronic disease, tones your muscle and increases energy.

Boosted mood and emotional wellness.

Burns calories consistently.

Seniors are able to stay active and social.

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Written by Andrea Gonzales

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